Lock Repairs & Replacement

Lock Repairs & Replacement

Having quality locks are a vital part of ensuring that your home or business is secure. However, on occasion, your locks will need repair or replacement if you want to continue enjoying the security they provide.

On top of that, many insurance companies are now specific about the type of locks your home must use. Without them, your home insurance company could deny your claim if someone burgles your home. In such a case, replacing your locks with the correct standard ones becomes crucial.

Other common reasons for needing lock replacement services include:

  • Damaged or faulty locks
  • Ensuring authorized access
  • Moved into a new house
  • Upgrading to Smart Locks
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Changing your locks to keyed alike, allowing you to open multiple locks using only one key

When you need lock repairs or replacement, always turn to a qualified and certified locksmith. Saltire Lock & Security offers Lothian residents the quality and reliable lock repair and replacement service they desire.

The Types of Locks That Saltire Lock & Security Repairs and Replaces

I carry many locks with me, meaning that I can often a complete repair and replacement job in one visit. Knowing how important security is, the locks that I have are always of the highest quality and are of the right insurance approved BS3621 standard. The following are some of the types of locks that I have the expertise and experience to replace.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are a type of lock whose mechanism is housed within a cylinder. I can repair and replace your cylinder locks and make any necessary recommendations to ensure that your security is as efficient as possible.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are often found on wooden doors and refer to the types of locks whose meeting edge is let into the door’s thickness, with the lock held into place by screws through its fore-end. You can also lock such locks from both ends.

Beside mortice locks, I can also repair and replace mortice sash locks, which are upright mortice locks with latch bolt and key operated bolt.

Yale (Nightlatch) Locks

Yale or nightlatch locks have a mortice or rim latch, with a roller bolt or bevelled spring bolt, which shoots every time you close the door. The lock enables you to withdraw the bolt using either a lever or knob handle from the inside or a key from the outside.

They also come with a stop knob, snib, or slide that holds the latch open or deadlocks the bolt when the lock is in its closed position. Yale locks are, however, not as secure as mortice locks and, as such, are primarily only used as additional security.


Saltire Lock & Security can also repair and replace padlocks, a small and portable locking device with a swivelled or circular hinged sliding shackle that passes through a locking bar, hole in a staple, or similar member. Most often, padlocks are operated using a key on only one side.

Multipoint Locks

Multipoint locking systems are commonly found on UPVC, patio doors, or composite front doors. The system has a lock or a cylinder that often has at least five pins. When replacing your multipoint locks, I’d recommend upgrading to 3 Star TS007 cylinder locks since ‘cylinder snapping’ has become more widespread.

Key Cutting

Another service that I have found often goes with lock repairs and replacement is key cutting. While I am in the process of repairing or replacing your locks, I can also offer you mobile key cutting services. This process ensures that I leave you with duplicate key copies that will come in handy should you happen to lose your original set.

Reach out to Saltire Lock & Security at 07468-496-709 for professional lock repairs and replacement services.

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