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Losing your keys or getting locked out isn’t uncommon, which is why having a spare set of keys is essential. When looking for a reliable key cutting locksmith who can provide you with the quality key cutting services you need, turn to Saltire Lock & Security.

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Spare Set of Keys

There are very many benefits that come with having a spare set of keys handy, such as:

You Can Avoid Accidental Lockouts

Lockouts are unexpected, frustrating, and highly inconvenient. In some cases, you could even find yourself locked out with a young child in the house or food on the stove. The only way to be prepared is to have a spare set of keys. It will save you from wasting time and money waiting for a locksmith to attend to your situation.

Spare Keys Can Save You Money

If you have a spare key ready, you won’t have to spend money hiring a locksmith to unlock your door when you are locked out. When it comes to your business, extra keys can save you money by helping you avoid shutting down your business because nobody can gain access to it.

They Enable Quick Replacements

If you lose your key and have no replacements ready, you will need a locksmith to fashion a new key for you. Sometimes, this service may involve the locksmith disassembling your lock to obtain the key code they need to cut your new key. If you already have a spare key, replacing the original set when they get lost is quicker and more straightforward.

Spare Keys Offer Convenience

If you have several family members living with you or have more than one employee, having a spare key will grant everyone convenient access. You’ll no longer need to spend your time hoping that someone will be around to open the door for you when you get home.

Professional Key Cutting Services

Get in touch with Saltire Lock & Security for a wide range of key-cutting services, ranging from cutting keys to lock and code to repairing and replacing lost, damaged, or broken keys. I am a qualified, certified, and CRB/DBS-approved locksmith who can provide you with professional, honest, and reliable services.

Whether you need spare keys for a rainy day or replacement keys for your home’s front and back doors, office, UPVC windows, filing cabinet, vehicle, or garage, I can help.

My extensive key cutting expertise also makes it possible for me to offer you a more comprehensive range of services, such as:

  •       Security key cutting
  •       Safe key replacement
  •       Patented key cutting
  •       Restricted key cutting

Due to the high-security nature of some keys, you may need to provide identification and proof of ownership before a professional key cutting locksmith can duplicate the key.

Also, to ensure that your spare keys are not used by unauthorized personnel, make sure to leave them with someone you trust.

Call Saltire Lock & Security for key cutting services today!

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