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Even if you have a small office, protecting your assets and employees is essential at all times. Installing secure locks on your doors and windows is crucial to your security and safety because these areas are the first lines of defence.

Considering how vital your business’s security is to you, it is always best to never take any chances when choosing a commercial locksmith. You need a qualified, insured, experienced professional who can also offer you exemplary customer service.

Look no further than Jay Drummond of Saltire Lock & Security, offering high-quality commercial lock services you need.

Commercial Locksmith Services

While running your business, you will sometimes have to face issues with your door and window locks, file cabinets, or safes — just to name a few. Having a trustworthy locksmith who can provide you with the services you need becomes a critical part of your business’s smooth running.

I can provide West Lothian businesses with all the security installations and regular maintenance they need. I am dedicated to delivering prompt security solutions that will see your business return to normal operation as soon as possible. Below are some of the services I offer:

Lock Installations

If you have moved to a new location, you must install new locks before you can confidently set up shop. The new locks will offer you the protection and peace of mind you need. I have the necessary experience and expertise to install locks and analyze your situation, making recommendations on what options I think will provide you the level of protection for which you are looking.

Security Upgrades

Perhaps you have been at your current location for a while and are looking to ramp up your defences with a security upgrade. I can assess and detect all potential weaknesses in your business’ security and offer upgrade solutions that will improve it — for example, installing high-security locks that are drill-resistant and impossible to pick.

Lock Maintenance

Though these services often include lock repairs and replacements, they also involve regular servicing of your locks to detect and resolve potential issues before they become significant security weaknesses.

When you have valuable assets to protect, not staying on top of your lock’s condition can be a grave and costly error. However, opting for regular servicing will help me perform routine checks to detect potential malfunctions. I can then repair or replace the lock, making your business’ security less vulnerable.


While getting locked out is a common occurrence, it can be a costly experience. In the commercial world, every second counts. If you and your employees happen to be locked out of the office, the quicker you gain access, the fewer losses you will endure.

I have the tools and skills needed to help you gain prompt access to your office, allowing you to resume your business’s regular operations.

Professional Commercial Lock Services

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