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UPVC Door & Window Locks

The most common locks that need to be repaired or replaced are UPVC door & window locks. Having a reliable locksmith on hand will go a long way in making the process a lot simpler. When looking for such a locksmith in West Lothian, turn to Jay Drummond of Saltire Lock & Security.

I am a CRB/DBS-approved, Master Locksmith Association trained, and fully insured locksmith providing professional, honest, and friendly UPVC door & window locks repair and replacement services.

Standard UPVC Door & Window Locks Problems

There are several problems you are likely to experience with your UPVC door & window locks. Some of the more common ones are:

  •       Sticking mechanism
  •       Jammed lock or door
  •       Faulty locking mechanism
  •       Problems with the handles
  •       Window not opening, closing, or locking
  •       Key not turning in the lock
  •       Lock not opening even when you turn the key
  •       Broken or snapped key in the lock

If you come across any of these problems, reach out to Saltire Lock & Security for prompt, reliable assistance. I can help you repair or replace your UPVC door & window locks, attending to everything from jammed and misaligned windows and doors to faulty mechanisms, door handles and hinges, and locks.

Sometimes, you might need a locking mechanism upgrade, even when your UPVC windows and doors are working fine. My expertise and experience make me the ideal person to offer you the high-quality services you need.

How to Tell Your UPVC Door & Window Locks Are Failing

While UPVC door & window locks malfunctions are common, you may be able to detect failures early on. These signs enable you to resolve the issue before it becomes worse and more costly. Here are a few things to look out for to determine if your UPVC door and window lock is failing:

  •       Handle Issues: The handle could be getting stiff, needing extra pressure to lift it. Sometimes, the handle could become loose, wobbly, or turn completely.
  •       Door Issues: The door could also become difficult to open and close. It could get jammed or start to feel shaky.
  •       Lock Issues: Several signs point to potential issues with the lock. Your lock could become stiff or turn completely. You might also start to hear an unusual clicking sound when you operate the mechanism.

Various factors can lead to these malfunctions. Sometimes, the underlying issue might be as simple as a misaligned door. Other times, the problem could be more serious, such as one or more of the lock’s internal parts being broken, seized, or frozen up.

Though you might be tempted to try and resolve the issue yourself, it is always best to let a qualified, well-trained, experienced professional handle it. Sometimes what might seem simple at first could end up needing complex repairs or replacements.

Reach out to Saltire Lock & Security for expert UPVC door & window locks repair and replacement. Besides resolving the problem, I can also provide you with recommendations that will improve your UPVC door and window security and give you the extra protection you might need.

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