UPVC Door Lock Repairs Bathgate, West Lothian

Are you having problems with your UPVC doors and windows? We are the UPVC door and window lock repair experts in West Lothian.

UPVC Door Lock Repairs

Most UPVC doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system. This is a strong design and is very secure because the door will lock at several different points –hence the name multi-point locking. We only use well known branded multi-point locks on UPVC doors and our work is guaranteed.

There are several problems which can occur with UPVC doors which might be affecting you right now:

  1. Your key will not go right into the UPVC door lock or won’t turn.

This is usually a euro cylinder failure and is usually the result of wear and tear. The cylinder should be replaced with a high quality upgrade which will not snap. Cylinder snapping is a common way for burglars to enter your property through UPVC doors. The cylinder is the weakest part of the lock and so any replacements should be resistant to snapping. Ask us for advice if you are having problems with your UPVC door lock.

  1. The key goes into the lock and turns but won’t open.

In this case the cylinder is not at fault but the multi-point lock has broken. This will need to be replaced to keep your property secure.

  1. The UPVC door handle is floppy.

This is due to a faulty lock once again and the lock will need to be repaired or replaced.

We also repair UPVC window locks if required too. Please contact us for all repairs, replacements and servicing of both UPVC doors and windows locks in the West Lothian area.

UPVC Door Repairs

If you have trouble locking the door or window it may not be the lock at fault – even though it seems like it is. It could be that your UPVC door is misaligned- a result of the weather which causes the doors to expand and contract. In this case, simple adjustments may be all that is required. Either the hinges or the rubber surrounding the window may be at fault. We can help with these types of UPVC door repairs too even though they are not directly related to the lock.

For all your UPVC door lock and window repairs in Bathgate and beyond, call Jay today. Your local locksmith in West Lothian.

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